Gregory Ubigen

Chief Executive Officer



The last 14 years of his career has been spent building, rolling out and managing new product ideas that run on technology. This experience has helped him understand how (on the one hand) technology can be used to solve business requirements, and (on the other hand) what the business requires from technology to succeed. He has also acquired skills in product and project management; commercial modelling; strategy and business operations.

In 1998, He started His career as an anchor-person – in a multi-national financial services provider – for business concepts that were in their embryonic stages. His charge was to manage the technology, operations and (internal and external) marketing of such projects until they became sizable enough to be handed over to strategic business units. During this time, He setup a card-based payment eco-system of cardholders and merchants; built-up and managed the bank’s corporate website, and used it as a customer acquisition tool; setup an SMS-banking product and other payments initiatives.

His career shifted from the financial services to telecommunication domain in 2003, when He joined a mobile network operator in its start-up phase, and was given the opportunity to build a value-added service business unit. The next six years presented challenges that helped establish him as a pioneer for what has now become multi-million pound industry of over 60 service providers, and resulted in the launch of several exceptional products and services.

Most recently, as Group Product Director for Emerging Markets and Africa at Monitise Group plc, He was a pioneer member of a team that managed the delivery of a mobile banking product from inception, design, negotiation and implementation. This product was used to rollout a mobile banking and payment service in Nigeria. He worked with financial regulators, donor organisations, investors, partner banks, partner mobile operators and agent network providers to setup a mobile payments service in March 2011. This service was one of the subjects of a visit by the Rt. Hon. David Cameron, Prime Minister of the UK to Nigeria in June 2011. HE was invited to represent Monitise in supporting the Prime Minister as a part of the delegation of Leaders of British Industry to Africa, which included the Monitise Group CEO.


Greg can be reached at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Key capabilities

1. On-the-ground experience in building, deploying cutting-edge mobile money and payments systems
2. Developing business, commercial and technical strategy
3. Building businesses within existing organisations
4. Product and project management
5. Deep understanding of branchless banking and financial services for the unbanked
6. Executive level stakeholder management
7. Business development activities covering lead generation, proposals, RFP responses and customer engagement
8. Working across cultures with experience in Europe and Africa