Gregory Ubigen, Chief Executive Officer

Gregory is the CEO of BeyondBranches International and is also responsible for the product platform of the services.

The last 14 years of his career has been spent building, rolling out and managing new product ideas that run on technology. This experience has helped him understand how (on the one hand) technology can be used to solve business requirements, and (on the other hand) what the business requires from technology to succeed. He has also acquired skills in product and project management; commercial modelling; strategy and business operations. read more...



Simon Aderinlola, Chief Operations Officer

Simon is the COO of BeyondBranches International and is also responsible for the local operations of the service when rolled out in country. The first country is Nigeria.

Since 2010, Simon has been building and managing agent networks for mobile money operators in Nigeria. As co-founder and Group CEO of 3WC, a VAS company, Simon has negotiated contracts with mobile network operators in Nigeria, Ghana and Benin. He is a serial entrepreneur and in 2012 co-founded Rervbox, a technology provider that helps SME merchants with internet & mobile marketing. Simon is also advising the Industry group for all mVAS providers in Nigeria as the National Coordinating Consultant. read more...


Matthias Nwabudike, Chief Technology Officer

Matt is the CTO of BeyondBranches International and is responsible for the technology platform and delivery of the service.

Matt is a principal Network Security Consultant with over 15 years post qualification experience spanning Information Security, IT Governance, and Business Process Management and also organizations such as Barclaycard, Cable & Wireless, BT, and KPMG. read more...