What we do?          

Distribution networks are the key to expand the reach of any service. By bringing harmonized processes and standard technology, BeyondBranches helps Agents work with multiple Banks, Mobile Money Operators and other Financial Service providers.

How do we do it?          

BeyondBranches harnesses people, technology and processes to simplify money matters. We use a unique Agent-Centric Approach and with our Duka platform, we are able to create a powerful service that helps Agents use the mobile device for their own needs as well as for mobile financial services.

BeyondBranches Nigeria          

We are working with reputable payment providers and agent networks to deliver a payment system that should bring about positive changes to the common man, from the streets of cities like Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and Kano all the way to the villages and towns of all other parts of the country.